Thread Lifts




The face thread lift procedure is a cosmetic Surgery which involves the insertion of threads, made up of polypropylene, which are inserted under the skin on your face with the use of the technique called tunneling. The threads are used to elevate the facial tissues, are pulled and then the other end is anchored deeply in the tissues located above the hairline. Scar tissues form around the anchored threads, and anchor your skin & soft tissues of the face in an elevated position.

Face threading is inexpensive, safe, convenient and an effective way of treating your sagging jaws and cheeks.

Recovery After Surgery

Once face threading is completed, your doctor will surely provide you instructions to follow. You can use Ice for the first 24-48 hours; the ice compress will deal with any swelling and will help lessen the discomfort. You can recover in less than a week; however you should avoid strenuous exercises for the next 2 to 3 weeks. You may also experience some mild swelling and bruises, but these will eventually go away quickly in a week or so.

At Jindal aesthetics Ambala, we have a wide variety of special Anti Ageing  treatments for every individuals. We recommend the Thread Lift Surgery for ageing suited to your requirements.

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